Information for Parents

Homework Guidelines from North Allegheny for when your child misses schoolwork.

Gifted Identification Process

If you suspect that your child may be gifted:

  1. Gather  information:
  • talk to your child’s teacher(s)
  • review his/her grades and testing results (e.g. CogAT, ITBS (the “Iowas”), PSSA, Keystone)
  • learn about gifted learners. PA Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) has resources to help. Click here
  1. Know the process used by the district for screening and identifying students for the GOAL program.  Screening and Identifying are 2 different processes.
  • Screening involves looking at student’s performance (on abilities and achievement tests, grades, etc) and teacher recommendations. Find the current NA screening criteria for each grade level by clicking here,  then scrolling down to Appendix B.
  •  Parents can, in essence, function as their child’s screener.  You do NOT need to use the district’s screening criteria.  Parents may request, in writing, an evaluation for identification of gifted at any time, with the limit of one request per school year.  Send a written request to your child’s school counselor.  Within 10 days you will receive a Permission to Evaluate form.  Upon receiving the signed Permission to Evaluate form, the district has 60 days to  evaluate for identification of gifted.
  • Identifying students involves having the child take an individually administered IQ test (and possibly other measures) to establish if the child meets criteria for mentally gifted.  Teacher evaluations, parent input and review of other school measures are considered and reviewed.  Finally, a determination is made whether or not the child requires specially designed instruction.  The requirement to be identified for GOAL necessitates that the child meets criteria for mentally gifted AND requires specially designed instruction.

Link to Chapter 16 of the PA Code which spells out the regulations for gifted education in Pennsylvania

Now that your child has been Identified as Gifted

  • Learn about the GIEP (Gifted Individualized Education Plan)
  • Watch a parent webinar about GIEPs given by Tanya Morret, Statewide Gifted Liaison for the PA Department of Education. View the slides here.  Handouts are here.
  • This webinar introduces parents to assessment instruments and scores that may be used in the GIEP to determine the instructional level for their child. Watch now. View the slides here.